Frequently Asked Questions

STATEMENT OF RENTAL POLICY EQUAL HOUSING: Non-discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, familial status, handicapped or national origin is the comprehensive policy of Anderson Resources Incorporated.

APPLICATION FEE: The application fee is non-refundable $35.00 per applicant and due at the time the application is turned in for processing. The application fee must be paid to the applicable property (Channingway or Bent Tree Townhomes), we do not accept cash or personal check.

HOLD FEE: A $50.00 holding fee is non-refundable per unit and is due at the time the application is turned in for processing. In the event applicant chooses not to enter the Lease applied for or the application is denied the $50.00 holding fee is forfeited as liquidated damages. Both the $50.00 holding fee & $35.00 screening/application fee are NON-REFUNDABLE.

INCOME REQUIREMENTS: Gross monthly income must be equivalent to at least three times the monthly rent. Allowances for scholarships, study subsidies and/or inconsistent income such as alimony, commissions or tips will require written verification.

QUALIFICATIONS: A complete check of the following will be made:

  • Residence: Present and previous must report a prompt payment record including no more than 3 late payments or NSF checks returned within a 12 month period, sufficient notice being given when vacating, no damages to site property and no history of disruptive behavior.
  • Income: All applicants must have stable income and be able to furnish acceptable proof of income including 2 most current pay stubs, signed employment offer letter, current 1099’s, or current student loan information.
  • Credit History: All applicants must have a social security number. All applicants must have a FICO score of 550 or greater. If applicant has a utility collection it must be paid in full before an application will be approved. No credit is treated as good credit. Valid Identification and social security number to be given at time of application. Disclosure of investigative consumer report as part of Anderson Resources, Inc. dba Bent Tree Townhomes’ and/or Channingway procedure for processing your rental application, an investigative consumer report may be prepared whereby information is obtained through personal interviews with your neighbors, friends and others with whom you may be associated. This inquiry includes information as to your character, general reputation, personal characteristics, and mode of living. You have the right to make written request, within a reasonable period of time after receipt of this disclosure, to receive additional detailed information about the nature and scope of this investigation.
  • Automatic Denial: A bankruptcy that is less than 7 years old (if discharged and good credit established since, we will overlook the bankruptcy). A record of a foreclosure of a previously owned home in the last 7 years. Any legal items (including tax lien, repossession, or other public records) that are less than 7 years old. More than 40% debt payment to income ratio. Any past due accounts and/or collections Landlord collections in the last 7 years. One or more felonies in the last 7 years. One or more misdemeanors in the last 7 years. (not including traffic violations) Registered sex offender Eviction

* Please review our guidelines carefully as there are no exceptions to our above stated qualifications. **Guarantors (Co-signers) may be considered in the event the applicant is low on income or do not have sufficient rental history. Guarantors will not be considered if the applicants’ credit or criminal background does not meet requirements.

LEASE TERMS: We offer lease terms of nine months or twelve months. A nine-month lease requires an additional $25 per month.

UTILITIES AND RENTAL INSURANCE: Our residents are responsible for electric and gas.

We require all residents carry a renter’s insurance policy with a minimum coverage of $100,000. Separate policies are required for non-married tenants.

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$200 Refundable pet deposit
$200 Non-refundable pet fee

$20/month (per pet, 2 max allowed)
We welcome your domestic pet under 35lbs. Birds and fish are welcome with written approval from our on-site management team. No large reptiles or exotic animals please. Fish tanks are not to exceed 55 gallons.

SUPPORT ANIMALS: If the animal is a service animal for a disabled person, pet deposits are not necessary and breed restrictions do not apply. A signed Letter Regarding Support Animals from a qualified professional verifying the need for the service animal along with proof of current rabies shots and licenses (if legally applicable) is required.

BREED RESTRICTIONS: We welcome all breeds of dogs, except the following breed or mixed breed: Akita, Alaskan Malamute, Chow, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, Great Dane, Pit Bull Terriers, Rottweiler, Saint Bernard, and Wolf Dog Hybrids. (including all Pit Bull breeds – American Pit Bull Terriers, American or Irish Staffordshire Terriers, Bull Terriers, Pit Bulls, American Bull Dogs, Pit Bull Bordeaux, and Fila Brasilerio.) We reserve the right to add additional restricted breeds at any time.

In the case of a life-threatening emergency call 911.

To contact after-hours maintenance please call 937-604-0785.  Leave a message with your name, phone number, address, and reason for call. An emergency maintenance technician will call you back.

The following are considered EMERGENCIES:


Many service requests can be resolved over the phone. If the service request cannot be resolved by phone, then a certified repair technician will come out to your home to effectuate a repair. Response time will be dependent upon the severity of the maintenance issue. Should we determine that the service call was unnecessary or that the problem was created by abuse or neglect of LESSEE, their family, employees, guests or others, we will charge you a labor charge based on our hourly rate of $30.00 (minimum charge on one hour), and a materials charge.

We want every tenant to feel safe and comfortable here at Channingway. If you have a concern that needs addressing, we would like to hear from you.
Our office staff is available 7 days a week during regular business hours. Or if it is more convenient, your concern may be emailed to our Leasing Manager at Leasingmgr@channingway.com.

Yes! Every tenant has their very own portal to their account. In addition, you can communicate with our office through our texting app to make life quick and simple!

  • Pay rent
  • Check balances
  • Download lease documents
  • Request work orders
  • See community announcements
  • Set up auto-pay or pay as you go


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All our leases require a 60-day notice whether your lease is about to expire, or you are in a month to month status. The only exception to this is if you are active duty military and have received official orders to relocate or separate. The forms can be downloaded here:

Once you move out you can turn the utilities back into the landlord’s name. We will take care of moving you out of the water company.

Keys and pool passes may be turned in at the office on your final day either in person or in the drop box. Please label them with your address and name.

Due to the enormous size of our community, our office staff will do a final walk of your apartment AFTER you move out. Within 30 days you will receive a statement of security deposit in the mail at the forwarding address you provided us at move out.